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Carbon Steel JIS G3462 Pipes

Carbon Steel JIS G3462 Pipes

Carbon steel JIS G3462 pipes are used widely for the high-temperature service applications. According to the JIS G3462 grade pipes seamless alloy steel tube is very well reheated and furnished in isothermal annealed, full annealed or normalized quench and in tempered conditions. This grade pipe is having a typical chemistry with an addition of about 0.45-0.65 molybdenum.  It is bearing minimum tensile strength of just 380Mpa. These kinds of pipes too yield strength of about 205Mpa. 

Carbon steel JIS G3462 pipes Specification is covering alloy steel for heat exchanger tubes and boilers. The mechanical properties of the steel grade pipe are varying greatly through the heat treatment. With fully controlled heating and cooling cycle, some well-desired properties are well obtained through a producing predictable change into the steels microstructure.  The pipe representative will be really very much pleased to work with you in developing the required information.


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