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Carbon Steel JIS JOHS-102 Pipes

Carbon Steel JIS JOHS-102 Pipes

Carbon Steel  JIS JOHS-102 pipes are of mid-level steel pipes. They contain low-cost carbon in it which contains almost 20 % carbon. They also contain the essential amount of manganese so it can take proper shape and convert it into the desired form. They are not hard as they contain less amount of carbon in it. As if they contain the high amount of carbon in themselves then it converted into the hard surface.

 This grade of pipes is certified with Mill test certificate to show their quality in accordance with En 10204 to show its quality. Carbon Steel JIS JOHS-102 pipes is adhered as supplementary requirements of testing for this grade, as they are capable of fulfills all the necessary requirements of NABL laboratory.

These pipes or tubes are supplied in well finished or varnished format will prevent these pipes from rust formation. They are mainly used in exterior or interior architectural structure, automobile sectors, gas lines, water pipelines, oil, and gas industr

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