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Stainless Steel 316N Screw

Stainless Steel 316N Screw

If you are confused about where to buy Stainless Steel 316N Screw then you have landed on the right page. These screws are made from the best materials of stainless steel along with alloying of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and also cobalt in some proportion. They are used in a variety of places due to their vivid properties.

Specification and sizes-

These screws are specified with international specifications of ASTM, ASME, and other standards. To make these screws uniform they have a dimension of DIN933, ASME B18/B18.5 etc. They are available in size range of 3mm to 200mm. and if this range does not meet your requirement they you can also place a custom-made order as per your requirement.

Testing and packing- to make sure that above-mentioned quality is delivered these Stainless Steel 316N Screws undergo tests of impact test, mechanical test, IP test, chemical and strength test and various other composition tests. These tests make sure that only the best quality pr

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