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Stainless Steel 304LN Sheet and Plates

Stainless Steel 304LN Sheet And Plates

Stainless steel 304LN plates are known best for their high tensile strength, durability and corrosion resistance. These stainless steel plates are used in the different applications and have a high strength to sustain in high temperature easily. Well, if we talk about 304LN grade it is basically an austenitic stainless steel grade that has a good combination of nickel and chromium elements. These elements when combined with the raw stainless steel create strength and hardness among the stainless steel plates. These plates are shiny and coated which creates a long-lasting effect. Well, on the other hand, they are made with the premium quality of raw material that is internationally and nationally approved material.

These stainless steel 304LN plates cover JIS, DIN, ASTM, EN and AISI specifications and standards. Moreover, when these stainless steel plates are manufactured they are tested and inspected under different conditions and temperature to know its quality and capability.

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