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Alloy Steel A213 T11 Tubing

Alloy Steel A213 T11 Tubing

With the advancement of high and latest technology, the pipe manufacturer has become good enough in offering comprehensive ranges of Alloy steel A213 T11 tubing. These grades of pipes are produced by using very good quality of raw materials. The pipes are supplied all across the globe with an advanced technology and with highly reliable quality. These grade pipes/tubes are easily available in various shapes, sizes, grades, standard specification, forms, types, length, width etc and as per the needs of clients. A buyer can also order the pipes in small quantities. The tubes are very useful in various kinds of engineering and industrial applications.

Specification of the product-

The Alloy steel A213 T11 tubing in seamless is available in size 6.35mm o.d to 101.60mm o.d.  The material is T11 and K11597 and its equivalent material is P11. The type of pipe is seamless. The pipes are specialized in larger sized diameter. The outer dimension of the pipe is 6mm to 2500mm; WT is 1-20

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