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Stainless Steel 321H Valves

Stainless Steel 321H Valves

This Stainless Steel 321H Valves is the titanium stainless steel which is designed for being stabilized against the carbide precipitation & designed for the operation within damaging range of temperature wherein the carbide precipitation gets developed. In such a steel type, this carbon also combines well the preferentially with the titanium for forming the harmless titanium carbide and also leaves chromium in the solution for maintaining well the resistance of full corrosion. This one is the basic type of the 304 that is modified well by adding the titanium in around 5 times with the carbon and nitrogen contents.

Designing features

The Stainless Steel 321H Valves are designed for immuning the integranular corrosion when it gets heated within carbide precipitation ranges. It also well eliminates the chromium carbides formation at grain boundaries with carbon & the nitrogen tying up as the titanium nitrides and carbides. It is better which comes with the properties of

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