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What are Flanges?


Flanges are piping equipment that is used to connect different pipes and valves. Flanges are attached to the end of a pipe, where another pipe is to be attached. Flanges are used to create a piping system, where they are used to change direction or connect two different valves or pipes. Flanges are assembled using a fitter. They can be dismantled easily if required. Flanges have the advantage of being flexible, where they can be fixed or removed whenever a modification is needed. They are suitable for applications where frequent maintenance is required. Flanges are available in several different types. The Flange types are classified on the basis of application and grade of metal used for the production of Flange Face. Each type of flanges has a different purpose than the other. Different Flange Types available on Piping Mart are,


Types of Flanges: -


Threaded Flanges: - The Threaded flanges have threads under the

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