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What are Industrial Pipes?


Pipes are cylindrical, cross-section conveyors mainly used for conveying liquids and gases. While used mainly for conveyances, pipes may also be used for structural applications.


Metallic Pipe Manufacturing Process

Pipes are manufactured using two different methods which result in a seamless or welded pipe. In both processes, raw steel is first cast in a more workable starting form. It is then shaped into a pipe by stretching out the steel into a seamless tube or by pressing the ends together and sealing them with a weld.


Pipe Sizes

The size of the pipe is defined with two numbers: the nominal diameter of the pipe (or bore) and the pipe schedule. With the exception of specialized applications, commercially available pipes come in standard sizes. Standard Sizes range from 1/2? NB – 16? NB.


Pipe Materials

Material Engineers recommend the best elements for the construction of pipes for various app

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