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Sheet and Plates

Sheet And Plates

What are Plates?
Plates are basically a part of Sheets. Sheets are industrially flattened out pieces of metal. Sheets are used in a wide array of applications and can be cut, as well as bent in to a variety of shapes. Extremely thin pieces of sheets are called as foils and thicker are considered as plates. In most parts of the world millimetre is used as a measuring unit for Sheets/Plates, whereas Gauge is used in the US to measure Plates/Sheets. 30-7 gauge is the general range used where larger the measure, thinner is the Sheet/Plate. [readmore]

Applications: -
Plates or Sheets are used in many industries like

  • Automobile
  • Medical Tables
  • Airplanes
  • Buildings
  • Transformers


Materials Usable: -
Sheets & Plates can be found in many materials such as Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hastealloy, Incoloy, Incone, Monel, Nickel and Titanium. Every material executes different properties and is used for different applications.
Stainless Steel Sheets &

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