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What are Tubes?

A tube/tubing is similar to that of a pipe and is also used to convey liquids and gasses. But a tube can also be used to protect electrical and optical cables. A tube is literally specified by its inner and outer diameter. Tubes are manufactured in three types seamless, electrically welded and drawn-over-mandrel. Pipes and Tube are generally interchangeable terms but they have defined specific purposes different from one another. [readmore]

Procedures of tube production: -

  • • Seamless tubing is made via extrusion and rotary piercing
  • • An electrical-resistance-welding tube is cold worked and drawn through a die and over a mandrel


Tube production standards: -

Tube manufacturing is governed under different standards applicable for different types of tubes: -

  • • ASTM A213 For Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic alloy tubes for high temperature applications
  • • ASTM A269 Seamless and Welded Tubes for general applications

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